Easter Bunny free pattern

Hello! I think is a good idea to inagurate this new space with my first ever free pattern. I came out with this bunnies because Easter is probably my second favorite holiday ever (after september 18, wich is a national one here in Chile), I mean who doesn´t like bunnies and chocolate and eggs, right?!

This pattern is super easy, you just need to know the basics of crochet and it has almost no sewing, so extra fun in my opnion. For this chubby friend I used:

Kartopu Beneki Bebe

3.00 mm crochet hook, scissors, needle, glue


Lenci cloth (red, pink, white)

Black thread


So now the pattern:

(© Constanza Prajoux / Paw-Gurumis. Do not sell amigurumis made with this pattern)

First start with the ears, make two:

1.- 6 magic circle
2.- 12 (inc around)
3.- 18 (*sc inc* around)
4.- 18
5.- 18
6.- 18
7.- 18
8.- 18
9.- 15 (*4sc dec*) around)
10.- 15
11.- 15
12.- 12 (*3sc dec* around)
13.- 12
14.- 9 (*2sc dec* around)
15.- 9
16.- 6 FO the first ear. Do not fasten off the second one because you’ll keep working on it.

17.- After round 16 join the second ear to the first one and sc around both. You should have 12 sts. From here on, you’ll be working on the body.


18.- 24 (inc around)
19.- 24
20.- 30 (*3sc inc* around)
21.- 30
22.- 36 (*4sc inc* around)
23.- 42 (*5sc inc* aroound)
24.- 42
25.- 48 (*6sc inc* around)
26.- 54 (*7sc inc* around)
27.- 54
28.- 60 (*8sc inc* around)
29.- 66 (*9sc inc* around)
30.- 66
31.- 72 (*10sc inc¨around)
32.- 72
33.- 72
34.- 72
35.- 72
36.- 66 (*10sc dec* around)
37.- 60 (*9sc dec* around)
38.- 54 (*9sc dec* around)

Work 4sc more, and now you’ll start the legs.

39.-Make 20sc marking the first one (the new beginning of the row) 4ch and join to the st marked. You should have 24sts now.


40.- 24
41.- 24
42.- 24
43.- 18
44.- 12
45.- 6 FO

Skip 7sts from the last sc worked on the body and join the yarn again, repeat from row 39 to 45. You should have two legs with a 7st space between them.


Now you’ll close the body, so fill it first.

47.-  sc around the open hole in the body (between the legs). It should be 24sc.
48.- 12 (dec around)
49.- 6 (dec around) FO.

For the tail you need to make a pompom, as big as you want, and join it at the back of the body. This will help the bunny to stand and also look super cute.


Arms. make two.
1.- 6 magic circle
2.- 9 (*sc inc* around)
3.- 9 FO.

This is all the sewing you’ll be making. Place the arms on the 29th row leaving 13sts between them for the face.

Glue or stitch the face and inner ears, and wait for your easter eggs!



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